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Most common questions about Air fryer

We list the most common questions below as an review to make it simple and easy for users to understand.

What kind of foods can I prepare ?

You can prepare so many kinds of food by using an air fryer; they could be potatoes, chicken, beef, porks, seafood, snacks, even vegetables. Vegetables couldn’t be prepared are carrots, beans, and broccoli.

Vegetables that can be grilled, such as zucchini, corncobs or peppers, can be prepared in the AirFryer. Vegetables that are usually cooked or steamed, such as carrots, broccoli, and beans, can not be prepared in the AirFryer.

Is it possible to put frozen food in it?

Absolutely yes. There is no need to defrost frozen foods before putting them inside the air fryer. It is ok if you do that but what is an air fryer for? It can defrost the frozen food, then cook the food and there is nothing different between defrost in advance and defrost using an it.

Fresh and frozen food can be both prepared in the cooking machine, it may take longer for frozen food but it won’t change the result.

How much food can I put inside ?

It depends on the capacity . Depending on the number of food to make every meal, you can choose  the capacity that most suit your daily need. You may not want to buy a small-sized one for a big family, and vice versa.

Which oil is best to use? Is there any specific kind of oil required?

Most cooking oil available in the market can be used . However, traditional cooking oil is our recommendation, they are peanut oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc… Butter sprays are also able to be used.

Is there any part that is dishwasher-proof?

Yes, there are the divider, the pan and the basket that you can put in the dishwasher and clean.

May I put the it pan on the worktop, is it safe?

Of course, you can. The air fryer is designed with rubber feet; it also has plastic part preventing the hot metal pan from directly touching the worktop or any other kind of surface. In case your worktop is made of the material that is heat-sensitive, we recommend you to put an oven glove or a coaster on the worktop before putting the pan on. In case your worktop is made from the material that is heat-resistant, you can put the pan on it directly without worrying anything.

We hope that through this review, you have a clearer view on the product.You can check out 5 best airfryer on this site.