Capsaicin – PhenQ Ingredient Spotlight

To help increase the transparency of this product, which a lot of people seemed to be concerned with, with good reason too with so many junk affiliate marketers who take no time to try the product and just put of bad websites full of misinformation, I’m doing a series of posts that feature the different ingredients (this week it is capsaicin) in PhenQ and the research behind them to help you make an informed buying decision.

The ingredient we are focusing on today is Capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a natural extract of chili peppers which supports fat loss. It is said to have the ability to speed up your metabolism and therefore reduce fatty tissue, and suppress your appetite. Article source : phenq review. There are many studies that are still developing that are showing promise that this is an effective weight loss ingredient. So let’s look a little deeper into these studies:

How Does It Affect Your Appetite?

A study in 2009 that involved 27 healthy volunteers was done that made them consume a combination of capsaicin and green tea. The volunteers felt less hungry and ingested less calories.

How Does Capsaicin Affect Your Metabolism?

There have been a number of studies on animals that have suggested that ingesting capsaicin may increase the number of calories burned. This is still ongoing, but there is a lot of promise in capsaicin’s effects on this.

How Does Capsaicin Affect Body Fat?

Capsaicin has been tested on rats and has been found that it may affect the build-up of fat. It caused certain proteins to break down fat molecules and use them for energy and slowed down the proteins that are involved in creating fat in the first place.

Is Capsaicin Safe?

Totally – but you have to watch out for a couple of things. It is consumed in food all the time, but if you take pure capsaicin on an empty stomach it can have some painful effects (

PhenQ isn’t pure capsaicin). You should also watch out when taking capsaicin alongside blood thinning medications like aspirin.

There is still a lot of research to be done on capsaicin’s effect on weight loss, but the results are very promising. If you ingest hot peppers and chili pepper sauces on a regular basis it would be beneficial to your overall health. If you are looking to buy pure capsaicin, it would be best to speak with your doctor at this time.

And of course, if you are looking to lose weight, PhenQ is perfectly formulated with capsaicin to stimulate weight loss and help you see some major health gains. If you want to learn more about it, visit the companies’ official website.