Isn't It Strange?

All of the major blogs (Top 30), with the exception of Wizbang (ED. and La Shawn, you illiterate moron), have been completely silent about the Schiavo case?

Funny, they've never seemed hesitant to jump into any other controversial case. Even Michelle Malkin is mute. It seems like it would be a natural for her.

Meanwhile, NPR is still describing Mrs. Schiavo as being in a "vegetative state", which many doctors dispute.

Others, however!

And many more, I'm sure.

Update! My bad, La Shawn is also in the Top 30 and she's been all over it. I apologize. However, the speed of her comment is freaking me out. I just hit publish.

Update II I just received the following comment to this post:

I'd cut the top 30 some slack. Most of them blog on the political realm and Sciavo is more of a judicial & medical isse.

Especially medical, as you noted, NPR and other MSM sources insist on calling Terri comatose or vegitative. Simply put, I'd say that the silent ones are more or less like fish out of water and hesitate to blog/parse on unfamiliar territory.

OTOH, where some fear to tread only opens the door for those knowledgeable to rush in and become the go-to on this sort of topic. And that's a good thing.

First of all, I would never presume to tell anyone what they should blog about, Top 30 or not. But, I'm not sure that the "it isn't within their purview" argument holds water. Glenn Reynolds is a law professor that blogs about Iraq, Syria, nanotechnology, cars, the media and many other things. Malkin blogs about everything from pro-life issues to immigration to the media. I could obviously go on.

My point was not to tell anyone what to do, or to dump guilt. I just found it strange that so many people are avoiding the topic. It seems ready-made for the blogosphere. Plenty for everyone to argue about. We've certainly spent many, many hours and an enormous amount of bandwidth arguing about things much less important.

BTW, I just watched Terri Schiavo's brother being interviewed, and when you realize that the family just wants to take their daughter home, they'll pay all of the expenses and bear all of the burdens, it's hard to understand why Mr. Schiavo wants her dead so badly.

UA Coaching Watch

It's been nearly sixteen hours since the University of Arkansas introduced its new basketball coach, and we've seen no sign, yet, that he's departed for the sunnier pastures of a junior college.

Not wanting to settle for just anyone, Frank Broyles scoured the coaching ranks around the nation and, almost miraculously, was able to land John Pelphrey (shhh....just act like you've heard the name), who's major accomplishments seem to be having been a decent player at Kentucky in the early nineties and an assistant to Eddie Sutton and Billy Donovan. He also is credited with engineering the "biggest turnaround in 2005" at South Alabama. One would presume, however, that the middling school from the Sun Belt Conference had few places to go but up. And so, for the second time in seven days, Arkansas has found the perfect fit.

We'll keep our eye on the airport