Liveblogging the Road Trip

Vicky and I are headed down to Hot Springs for a few days of fun and relaxation. And, mostly just because I can, I'm doing my first ever post from the front seat of a moving car. These cell modems kinda rock. We haven't made it very far yet, but we successfully navigated the Hopper Tunnel.

Ah, the miracle of modern communication. It even allows me to annoy the crap out of Vicky by sitting here with my laptop open while completely ignoring the beautiful scenery.

Only Mostly Dead

It was quite the summer, and it obviously seeped over into the fall. If you can imagine having a couple dozen technicians traipsing all over the United States, installing servers and and then retracing their paths to pick up the old equipment. The logistical challenges were rather significant, not to mention the technical ones and the roadblocks thrown up by the customer. This project has the makings of a good book, if only I had the time to sit down and write it. The picture below should give you some idea of what caused a lot of sleepless nights (you can't see Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, but trust me, they're there), but it is, mercifully, completed. A full sixty-nine minutes ahead of the deadline.

I'd considered letting the blog die entirely, as if the world would notice, but perhaps I'll use it as an exercise to improve my considerably lacking time management skills.

So, while I get ready to head into the office, I'll leave you to ponder the state of our beloved media. Denied, over the past few weeks, any spectacular beheadings or massive car bombs, they have managed to find the cloud embedded within the silver lining.